One platform for learning.

Book lessons, join classes, track progress and collect payments.


Video calls

We're bringing everything that’s required to teach and learn without a fuss. No need to jump between apps to find tutors, join classes or make payments.

mktab family

Designed to cater everyone

With specific features that allow you to take your education/teaching to the next level.

mktab for individuals

Start learning


Accelarate your learning with dedicated tools, tutors and more.

Start teaching


Connect with students and parents, track progress and get paid.

Coming soon


Get regular updates and reports on how your child is performing.

mktab for business

Integrate today


Manage your school, tutors and students all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

What is mktab?

mktab is a platform that allows you to teach and learn online.

Who is it for?

mktab is for everyone. Whether you're a student, tutor or parent, mktab has something for you.

What is the difference between mktab and Zoom?

mktab allows you to do more than just video calls. You can also track your progress, make payments and more.

How much does it cost?

mktab is free to use. We will be introducing paid features in the future.