Enrol students

Allow students to join classes and courses your school offers. You can assign tutors to specific classes.


Manage payments

Collect fees and pay tutors. Instead of manually dealing with payments, automate the process to save time and avoid errors.


Everyday tasks

Day to day tasks like managing absences, fees, and urgent requests are made easy with our admin tools.


Alerts & News

Send notifications to tutors, students and parents. Tell them about upcoming events, new classes, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use mktab for my school?

Yes, if you have teachers and students, mktab for institutes is for you.

How do students enrol to our classes?

Students can choose from your available classes and enrol directly from the app. You can also manually enrol students.

Can I use mktab for offline classes?

This feature will be available soon.

Can students find us on mktab?

Yes, students can search for schools by subject, location, and availability. They can also find your school by the profile link or QR code.

Is mktab free to use?

Yes, you can use mktab for free. We charge a small fee for every transaction made.